Monday, June 17, 2013

Chuck Dirocco

Chuck and Nick
Nick Piston is a streetwise punk who knows how to take a cock up his ass like a man. His partner, Chuck DiRocco is a macho man, a major piece of tattooed man-meat with a cock the size of a bloated cucumber and a hairy bod. The oral sex is fantastic, with both guys taking load after load down their throats! And its good they do as they will need all that protein to get through the hours of fucking that follows!CLICK HERE

Chuck DiRocco & Nick Piston
Well hung Chuck and Nick take part in some no-holds-barred man-sex in this video. The duo explore each other's cocks, spit and switch roles three times before Nick finally gets to swallow Chuck's load. Then it's Nick's turn all over Chucks chest. If you like rock-hard, sexy, filthy men you're going to love this pair. CLICK HERE

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